Student Life Population, Health, & Emergency Management

We’ve built the only platform that seamlessly integrates the most effective population, health & emergency management platform with your existing Student Information System (SIS).

SchoolSuite empowers schools with easy-to-use apps that put safety and student life management in your hands for the first time.

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Your complete school life management
software solution

One SAAS based mobile app & web admin dashboard for population and emergency management.

Manage student life & population

Everything your school needs for accountability and freedom.

Attendance for classes and events

Student Information


Surveys & quizzes

View Student Life

Stay in control during a crisis

Manage, resolve, and document emergencies.

Real-time attendance

Student location

Secure messaging

Dashboards and Reporting

View Emergency

Monitor student health

Protect the health of your school with confidence.

Health assessments

Contact tracing reporting

Health journal

Data charts

View Health

In School Suite, we finally found a solution that truly serves our needs.

We easily manage everything from academic attendance to off-campus breaks and behavioral points. It saves us time and improves our ability to be accountable and track the accountability of our student body.

Run daily health assessments

Allows for faculty, staff, students & parents to self-report their or their children’s symptoms daily, even if they feel well.

Reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases

Advanced reporting metrics allow you to see which groups and individuals have spent time together over a variable time period.

Check-ins that do more than check in

Whether they are checking in or out of classes, activities, or events, students use an app-generated QR code to check in/out with any faculty member.

Centralized management

All the reports, insights, and workflows your admin team needs to manage the student experience.

Get real-time updates on attendance

The dashboard aggregates information from all faculty for an overall view of where everyone is on campus.

Locate your students

In real-time, you know where your students are and can help those who are in danger.

Your complete school life management
software solution


Students can check-in\out with any Faculty member using our App generated QR Code. Movements are time stamped and system generated notifications signal when in-transit time has expired.


You no longer have to wait to get to a computer to get things done. Create events, study groups and passes, and add behavior points right when the incident happens.


Save time by getting away from using multiple tools. School Suite will help streamline major tasks.


Never have to worry about your student’s travel logistics again. Everything in our app is clearly laid out. Be confident that the school knows where your child is whether on or off campus.

Get in on the technology that Schools need

To help students succeed, enables parents to trust, and saves time and chaos of manual record-keeping.

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