About Us

SchoolSuite is a leading team of entrepreneurs, school professionals, and technologists. Our mission is to enable Students, Faculty, Administration and Parents, to more easily manage all aspects of school life.

We are where freedom meets accountability on school campuses.

SchoolSuite is led by co-founders Jeff Pzynski and Hilary Mueller, who were inspired to build a business after decades of working in technology and working in the school industry.

Their most daunting tasks were working with school administration, parents and their own school children on how they kept track of students and how students communicated their whereabouts with them. There was no single aggregator keeping everything organized. So SchoolSuite was born.

In SchoolSuite, we finally found a solution that truly serves our needs.

Hilary Mueller, Co-founder

Hilary has twenty five years experience in technology, a BS degree in Psychology and Network Administration as well as multiple certifications from Microsoft and Cisco Systems. She is responsible for setting the strategic vision of SchoolSuite. She loves spending time with her husband and four kids, especially when they can get outside together and share her passion for nature.

Hilary brings the philosophy of Structure, Balance, and Accountability for managing people and has applied this philosophy and logic to SchoolSuite. Prior to SchoolSuite and working in an independent school, Hilary has worked as a Senior Network Engineer and a Technology and Strategic Business Consultant.

Jeff Pzynski, Co-founder

Jeff has twenty five years of experience in the technology industry, a BA in Accounting, as well as additional coursework and certifications in network technology. Jeff started as a Business Analyst for IBM before moving on to successful career as a network consultant.

He entered the world of education as the Director of Technology for a K-8 independent school for nine years before moving on to boarding school. He brings his analytical, yet creative mind to the SchoolSuite team and has focused on logical product development and intuitive design. Jeff has one son who currently attends a junior boarding school.

Chris Errato, Chief Technology Officer

A senior software, marketing, and technology executive with a history and talent for developing high-performance products, strategies, brands, campaigns, and teams for early stage, growth, and Fortune 100 companies.

Chris has spent the past decade inventing and integrating emerging technologies while helping brands to connect with customers in new and meaningful ways.

Benjamin Prince, Chairman

Before joining SchoolSuite Ben had more than 25 years in the Banking and Finance Industries. Ben founded and partnered in over 10 businesses which he has helped sell. Ben’s entrepreneurship and decades of experience in both banking and brokerage inform his client-centric wealth management philosophy, “My entrepreneurial background and roots at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch give me valuable insights that I believe help me better serve companies and leadership teams.

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