Save time by getting away from using multiple tools. School Suite will help streamline major tasks.

Emergency alerts

The School can send out Emergency Alerts to the community. Emergency Alerts can be classified as High, Medium or Low. Pre configured Emergency Alerts can be configured beforehand.With in-app emergency notification there is no need to worry about people opting in or out, international charges or any of the text issues involved with major carriers.

Vacation and special requests

Student Life can pre-configure planned vacations with dates and times, transportation requests.

Overnight requests

Students and/or parents can fill out overnight requests. Permission flow seamlessly to involved parties. Student Life can configure request availability.

Administrative dashboard

See a full picture of Student Life – Upcoming events, Requests, Student locations. Define Behavior, transportation, vacations, security and permissions etc. Know where Students are at all times.

Permissions and security roles

Define permissions and security roles for faculty and Students.

Get in on the technology that Schools need

To help students succeed, enables parents to trust, and saves time and chaos of manual record-keeping.

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