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Effectively implement contact tracing and symptom reporting in Fall 2020: COVID-19 Polling Update

Public polling response and support for a detailed and reliable approach to COVID-19 and general health reporting for the future


COVID-19 has brought health requirements to the forefront of everyone’s priorities for the 2020 school year. Schools and platforms have responded by providing plans of action and software features to cater to the pandemic. SchoolSuite had been focused on developing a superior technological response in efforts to mitigate COVID-19 spread while again trying to expand the conversation and information surrounding mass opinions in regards to student life, and more specifically health, through research and public polling of stakeholders. 

Our answer has been to design a unique crossover between technology and health sustainable for not only COVID-19, but seasonal illnesses, personal medical needs, and mental health. Featuring symptom checker and contract tracing the addition of these health features follows a growing trend towards concern for consistent and dependable health safety. 


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Supporting the Whole Child

Five pillars of health safety to prepare for the 2020-2021 academic year 

As the new normal began to set in and life began a slow climb back to different phases of reopening, schools promised delayed graduations, return to campuses in the fall, and hoped to continue delivering education in its traditional capacities. Recent surges in COVID-19 outbreaks and Coronavirus cases are putting into question the aptitude for schools to return in the fall for the 2020-2021 school year. Many schools have implemented new schedules and limited vacation days in the fall to instigate a temporary period of online learning from Thanksgiving break till after winter vacation accounting for the likelihood of an outbreak in early winter. While schools have taken individualized steps to take precautionary measures that best fit their needs, recent spikes are requiring schools to finalize multiple plans of action pertaining to different outcomes the virus might generate. 

Meeting with and discussing these plans has been one of SchoolSuite’s top priorities in adapting our software to meet the needs of schools in their varying capacities. In doing so, in conjunction with CDC recommendations and NGO’s like NAIS, 5 areas of accountability have emerged in risk management


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Take Your Time Seriously

Embracing the new normal to effectively streamline all tiers of communication and engage students learning through online platforms

Every year, technology in the classrooms increases to help mainstream learning by incorporating devices and platforms students are familiar with. What’s ignored is the importance of technology for administrators and faculty. Especially facing the recent transition to virtual, remote schooling normal interactions have changed completely and pushed administrations to revamp their virtual portals and communications or risk not being prepared to deliver on the quality education and performance that is expected. However, the transition holds a silver lining for administrators by providing the opportunity to address key issues in streamlining their campus communication to faculty, students, and parents. It is estimated that every piece of paperwork can waste up to 15 minutes to file and process. That being said, 4,000 pieces of paper can amount to up to 1,000 hours of wasted time. Not only are online platforms time maximizing, but they contribute to decreased associated costs with paper use such as purchasing, printers, storage, and simple human labor. Schools of all types are facing tough choices regarding the future of on campus schooling, but by taking advantage of the summer to redefine what productivity looks, schools can be confident in the form of schooling that best suits them backed by efficient student life management for Fall 2020. 


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Working with Independent School Think Tanks to Reopen for Fall 2020


Effectively implement contact tracing and symptom reporting on campus for Fall 2020

SchoolSuite has been working hard to help with plans to resume in-person or at least hybrid operations in the Fall, contact tracing has emerged as an integral component of re-opening plans. Alongside increased cleaning and sanitation measures, social distancing protocols, and Covid-19 testing, contact tracing may provide assurances to cautious individuals that steps are in place to promote safety and protect health. SchoolSuite prioritizes anonymity, privacy, and security of data to generate buy-in through three characteristics

  • Voluntary Participation
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Decentralized Data Storage

Automated contact tracing is not a miracle solution that will singularly help schools achieve and keep safety for faculty, staff, and students while on campus. Instead, schools can use SchoolSuite’s Administrative Dashboard and run the contact tracing reporting features to supplement historically proven manual contact tracing efforts. SchoolSuite’s contact tracing reporting provides depth and nuance to reported interactions in a way that escapes automated contact tracing apps.

To further assist Health Services in containing the spread of COVID-19 SchoolSuite built-in a Daily Symptom Reporter which allows for faculty, staff, & students to self-report their symptoms daily, even if they feel well.

As always, you as the school set the policy, SchoolSuite provides you with the tools to implement it.


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4 Myths Parents Shouldn’t Believe About Boarding School

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Be Proactive not Reactive: Tools to Prevent School Shootings

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5 Ways Technology Supports Healthy School Climates

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Challenging School Emergency Plans Norms

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