4 Myths Parents Shouldn’t Believe About Boarding School

Enrolling your children in boarding school is a challenging, but rewarding family decision. Exposing your children to rigorous education, intense athletics, and unparalleled opportunity early on, gives your child more time to prepare for their future. There are a multitude of benefits that come from four years in an environment of skilled and connected professionals and dedicated peers- we all know that.

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school shooting

Be Proactive not Reactive: Tools to Prevent School Shootings

School shootings are unimaginably difficult to process and solve for communities, families, and schools. The problem represents larger partisan issues in today’s political climate that impede the implementation of basic school safety techniques. Apart from being controversial, change is slow to occur in bureaucracy. This is why taking the power into our own hands by applying basic foundational changes is important to achieve an effective proactive approach to school safety.

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5 Ways Technology Supports Healthy School Climates

When you think of safety, what does it mean to you? What does it require to keep yourself, your children, and your school safe? Initially, you might not think safety implies much more than physical security. However, especially at this age, safety encompasses emotional components under the umbrella of school climate.

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emergency plan

Challenging School Emergency Plans Norms

Who can remember walking the halls in school when the loudspeaker announcement came on, “This is an emergency drill’. Students shoved into classrooms and huddled against the wall with every person for themselves mentality. Teachers grabbed the emergency plan binder and signed onto their computer to send their attendance in a spreadsheet.

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