SchoolSuite expands Veracross partnership


SchoolSuite, a robust student life population, health & emergency management system that is cohesive and features well-managed objectives supported by the administration and the community at large. These objectives focus on improving the student’s ability to self-manage their day to day life and the school’s ability to manage their organization’s population safety, health, and emergency management. Student compliance and self-motivation can contribute to the reduction of time historically spent managing students and the cost of multiple systems and employee duties.

We focus on providing one platform integrated into a Veracross’ student information system for ease of operation and usability.  Our three main areas of focus are;


  • Student Life:
    • Movement within school boundaries, outside of school boundaries, and overnights/away from school and the logistics and permissions that are associated with student movements.
    • Attendance, Schedules, Event, and Behavior management
    • Communication and Notification platform


  • Emergency Management:
    • Emergency alerts – app notifications, email, and SMS
    • GPS tracking if configured by the school
    • Individual and assisted check-ins
    • Emergency reporting
    • Real-Time attendance for students, faculty, and staff


  • Health Module:
    • Health Assessments
    • Mental Health
    • Exposure assessments and reporting
    • Health reports