In an emergency, how will you know where your students are?

Stay in control during emergencies

Assist authorities in locating students and faculty

Get real-time updates on attendence

Ensure student safety and give parents confidence

Real-time attendance

In an emergency, information is power and chaos is a weakness. Stay in control by enabling faculty members to take attendance of the students at their location on the mobile app to help authorities know where people are and where they are not.

In real-time, you know where your students are and can help those who are in danger.

Locate your students

During natural disasters, crimes, and other emergencies, what matters most is the safety of your students and faculty. In real-time, you’ll be able to pinpoint their location to send them help or rescue them and ensure you account for every student.

The dashboard aggregates information from all faculty for an overall view of where everyone is on campus.

Are you ready to help students succeed on-campus with technology that saves time, minimize errors, and organizes accountability?

Single Command Center Administration

Easily manage critical information in a single location to minimize the impact of emergencies. The dashboard aggregates data from all sources so you are informed about who checked in, where, and by whom. Reports of which students are missing can be quickly printed and provided to authorities. Parents can be notified of their student’s safety with a click.

Easy and Accessible

No matter where they are, you’ll know. When a faculty member takes attendance in an emergency, the app generates a QR code for students to scan on their phones. Those without their phones can be added manually. Quickly, easily, and accurately, whereabouts are reported and rescue can be expedited.

In emergencies, some people panic. An easy solution is the only solution that will work.

Get in on the technology that Schools need

To help students succeed, enables parents to trust, and saves time and chaos of manual record-keeping.

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