Break the Chain of Transmission and Stop Community Spread

SchoolSuite’s Health Module creates a robust system of COVID-19 reporting, Contact Tracing & Daily Health
Screening for K-12 Schools

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Promote Safety and Protect the Health of your School with Confidence

“It’s clear that you can do a lot of control if you do contact tracing really well.”

Marc Lipsitch picture

Marc Lipsitch

Epidemiologist at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Advanced Contact Tracing Reporting features

Provides depth and nuance to reported interactions in a way that utilizes automated contact tracing apps.

Daily Health Reporter

Allows for faculty, staff, students & parents to self-report their or their children’s symptoms daily, even if they feel well.

Covid-19 contact tracing

Provide assurances to cautious individuals that steps are in place for a safe and healthy campus

“SchoolSuite gives you the peace of mind that your community is helping to look after each other and stay safe!”

Jeff Pzynski

Jeff Pzynski

Co-founder and COO, SchoolSuite

SchoolSuites Contact tracing is used to help reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases

  • Advanced reporting metrics allow you to see which groups and individuals have spent time together over a variable time period.
  • Filter reports by person, symptoms, class attendance, events, grade level or residential status.
  • As there are still no curative treatments or vaccines for SARS-CoV-2, primary prevention of infection is the best strategy to mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

SchoolSuite’s Daily Health Report

  • Schools can customize health reports with lists of symptoms, scale of severity, family members with COVID-19 diagnosis, mental health levels of stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Has a “Health Kicks” streak tracker to motivate students to participate daily.
  • Health journal to see past daily reports.

COVID-19 Screening Tool

SchoolSuite has worked with new technology from Apple and Google to help notify you if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

  • Activate COVID contact tracing as an additional safety measure to further reduce the spread.
  • Report positive COVID test results and be notified when someone else you’ve been in contact with has tested positive.
  • Fully integrated with iOS and Android and is completely anonymous.

Communication Matters

As always, you as the school set the policy, SchoolSuite provides you with the tools to implement it.

  • No need to worry about unread emails, SS app notifications will alert your community to complete their daily health report
  • Save time at morning drop-off – Know if students, faculty & staff have completed their daily health report before they even come on campus
  • Send message reminders to only those that have yet to fill out their daily health report
  • Allows Health Services to analyze data and request students or parents to check in with student health office

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