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4 Myths Parents Shouldn’t Believe About Boarding School

June 11, 2019

Enrolling your children in boarding school is a challenging, but rewarding family decision. Exposing your children to rigorous education, intense athletics, and unparalleled opportunity early on, gives your child more time to prepare for their future. There are a multitude of benefits that come from four years in an environment of skilled and connected professionals and dedicated peers- we all know that.

What is talked about less, is how scary this decision can be for parents who are hesitant to let administrators and faculty take the reins on not only their child’s education but their personal growth as well. Being reluctant about boarding school is more common than you think, and is often a result of myths about boarding schools that need to be quashed. Read on to learn what we mean.

Myth #1: Visiting my child will be hard

Yes, your child will be busy, but you should be excited and assured that their days are structured with challenging classes, sports, clubs, social hours, and most importantly study hall! Their days are jam-packed, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love the chance to venture off campus with family and friends for a while.

The check-in and check-out procedures are becoming easier and more frequent at boarding schools with the help of technology and apps. Now parents have access to students schedules and games without having to rely on sometimes broken communication.

Myth #2: My child will be unsupervised and at risk during emergencies

This is actually quite the opposite. Almost every hour of the day will be mapped out for your child. Along with that, every year schools are improving their student monitoring systems, graduating from paper sign out sheets to electronic tracking systems to make sure students get to the correct location on time.

In emergency situations, more schools are realizing the importance of implementing emergency notification technology to maintain constant lines of communication and real-time locations of students.

Myth #3: No one is keeping track of my child’s grades or academic progress

However rigorous academics are, the importance of nurturing your child through such a critical stage of their intellectual development is not lost on boarding school faculty. Even with this emphasis, as parents, you have access to your child’s grades through progress reports and advisor meetings.

Being able to track your child’s progress online keeps them accountable while allowing you to communicate with them on room for improvement and their achievements.

Myth #4: My child won’t have emotional support

No one can replace the bond children have with their parents. Sure, students have their friends and commonly a trusted mentor. However, this still leaves parents on edge that their child isn’t frequently being checked in with. School climate is crucial for your child’s success at school. A major factor of school climate is emotional support.

Using technology that is constantly in teens hands, schools are beginning to see how important hotlines and anonymous tips can be for staying in the know on students social norms and emotional distresses.

Whether boarding school represents an opportunity for elite education, a chance for your child to become independent, or as a way to keep them on the straight and narrow, the school you choose should support this choice. New technology like student life management apps allow you to be the kind of parent that suits both you and your child’s relationship. Supervision can range from checking in daily on schedules and grades to only receiving alerts for safety notifications.

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