Effectively implement contact tracing and symptom reporting in Fall 2020: COVID-19 Polling Update

September 7, 2020

Public polling response and support for a detailed and reliable approach to COVID-19 and general health reporting for the future

COVID-19 has brought health requirements to the forefront of everyone’s priorities for the 2020 school year. Schools and platforms have responded by providing plans of action and software features to cater to the pandemic. SchoolSuite had been focused on developing a superior technological response in efforts to mitigate COVID-19 spread while again trying to expand the conversation and information surrounding mass opinions in regards to student life, and more specifically health, through research and public polling of stakeholders.

Our answer has been to design a unique crossover between technology and health sustainable for not only COVID-19, but seasonal illnesses, personal medical needs, and mental health. Featuring symptom checker and contract tracing the addition of these health features follows a growing trend towards concern for consistent and dependable health safety.

Working with school administrators, faculty, parents, and students, SchoolSuite carefully devised a recent polling structure to determine overall opinions on some of the top questions and concerns arising in schools across the country in response to COVID-19 school safety measures. Our poll aimed at targeting questions and recommendations popularized by CDC guidelines, mental health stability, and general feeling towards precautionary measures and solutions for mitigation and containment of COVID-19. After releasing and distributing this poll over the past month, we have analyzed and formatted the data as follows:

Data Analysis

After months of communication with schools across the country and independent school think tanks regarding the outbreak, our polling structure that encompassed not only school officials, but students and parents confirmed what we had been working on to make going back to school a safer and attainable goal.

The daily health symptom checker gives schools full adaptability to the layout of symptoms, scale of severity, diagnosis reports of close family, and emotional responses including stress, anxiety, and depression. The daily health symptom checker is tag teamed by our advanced contact tracing. Our in depth reporting of interactions lends itself to extreme accuracy to limiting outbreaks through tracing and is a great tool to reassure the public that schools can and will be safe to return to.

Health monitoring applications outside of COVID-19

Not only are these health features applicable and created out of the midst of a pandemic, our features are transferable to adhere to any type of illness or medical needs a SchoolSuite user might have. Especially during the typical winter flu season, symptom checking and tracing can be a good way to get out in front of easily spread illnesses in order to keep the community healthy and in school.

Not only limited to seasonal illness and COVID-19, these tools highlight concerns of mental health and draw more attention to spotting and intervening in these problems for students and faculty. Whether these instances arise out of COVID-19 anxieties or other personal concerns, tracking individual progress in these emotions can spot, prevent, and track progress towards a happier community.

To break the chain of transmission and assure your school of the health measures in place, learn more about SchoolSuite’s health applications by speaking to one of our specialists, and scheduling a demo.

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