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June 18, 2019

Embracing the new normal to effectively streamline all tiers of communication and engage students learning through online platforms

Every year, technology in the classrooms increases to help mainstream learning by incorporating devices and platforms students are familiar with. What’s ignored is the importance of technology for administrators and faculty. Especially facing the recent transition to virtual, remote schooling normal interactions have changed completely and pushed administrations to revamp their virtual portals and communications or risk not being prepared to deliver on the quality education and performance that is expected. However, the transition holds a silver lining for administrators by providing the opportunity to address key issues in streamlining their campus communication to faculty, students, and parents. It is estimated that every piece of paperwork can waste up to 15 minutes to file and process. That being said, 4,000 pieces of paper can amount to up to 1,000 hours of wasted time. Not only are online platforms time maximizing, but they contribute to decreased associated costs with paper use such as purchasing, printers, storage, and simple human labor. Schools of all types are facing tough choices regarding the future of on campus schooling, but by taking advantage of the summer to redefine what productivity looks, schools can be confident in the form of schooling that best suits them backed by efficient student life management for Fall 2020.

How to Tackle School Timewasters: Takeaways

Student Monitoring and Behavior

Student monitoring goes far beyond checking off attendance boxes. Whether it’s checking in/out, student behavior, overnight requests, parent permission forms, etc culminating this information onto one singular platform reduces time lost in paperwork and sign-ons to multiple services. Teachers and faculty do not want to be spending their time distracting themselves with paperwork and forms to file student whereabouts and behavior when they could instead be working on grading, lesson planning, and teaching. It’s both a bother for the student to have to track down forms and signatures as it is for teachers and administrators to prevent human error on said forms while prioritizing exceptional education.

Student accountability

Virtual “hall passes” not only ensure all students are accounted for at all times and reduces time wasted on paper sign out sheets in and out of various rooms and locations, but also creates accountability for students. Movements with electronic platforms are time-stamped and system-generated notifications signal when the in-transit time has expired, so students are held accountable for taking too long to get from one room to another. By defining structure and allowing students to self-monitor and correct, the system improves student organization, motivation, incentive, and reward.

Event Creation and Organization

Once a lengthy process can now be simple by using the technologies designed to mainstream communication between administrators and event guests that discourages email back and forth and confusing communication that may leave important event planners and attendees out of the loop. Rather than contacting students and faculty separately, admins can quickly create events for groups with the liberty to choose exactly who is included in the event and how to determine whether attendance is optional or mandatory. Students can also have the function to create events with faculty approval in most cases.

Parental Permissions

One of the most dismissed, however crucial steps to eliminate wasted time, is parental consent for pick ups, off-campus activities, and overnight requests. Often these requests need to be submitted to administrators days prior to the event due to the extensive paperwork and signatures needed. Rather than juggle phone calls, emails, or paper forms, online portals make it easy for parents and admins to virtually sign off on the approval in a much quicker time span

In light of COVID-19 and the caution it has thrown into our lives, careers, and education systems, student life management platforms are working hard to implement their software into the “new normal.” Features like attendance can keep track of attendance virtually by barcodes, while having options to assign behavior points for tardiness and absences. The extension of event creation is also extremely helpful for peer group projects, study sessions, and teacher extra help sessions to maintain collaboration and engagement. While these transitions are hard, the precedent has been set calling for attention towards an individualized and configured platform to best align with school incentives and goals while maintaining privacy.

Learn more about how SchoolSuite is prepared for Fall 2020 in light of COVID-19 read about our new features on “Working with Independent School Think Tanks to Reopen for Fall 2020.”

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