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Working with Independent School Think Tanks to Reopen for Fall 2020

June 10, 2019

Effectively implement contact tracing and symptom reporting on campus for Fall 2020

SchoolSuite has been working hard to help with plans to resume in-person or at least hybrid operations in the Fall, contact tracing has emerged as an integral component of re-opening plans. Alongside increased cleaning and sanitation measures, social distancing protocols, and Covid-19 testing, contact tracing may provide assurances to cautious individuals that steps are in place to promote safety and protect health. SchoolSuite prioritizes anonymity, privacy, and security of data to generate buy-in through three characteristics

  • Voluntary Participation
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Decentralized Data Storage

Automated contact tracing is not a miracle solution that will singularly help schools achieve and keep safety for faculty, staff, and students while on campus. Instead, schools can use SchoolSuite’s Administrative Dashboard and run the contact tracing reporting features to supplement historically proven manual contact tracing efforts. SchoolSuite’s contact tracing reporting provides depth and nuance to reported interactions in a way that escapes automated contact tracing apps.

To further assist Health Services in containing the spread of COVID-19 SchoolSuite built-in a Daily Symptom Reporter which allows for faculty, staff, & students to self-report their symptoms daily, even if they feel well.

As always, you as the school set the policy, SchoolSuite provides you with the tools to implement it.

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