Students can check-in\out with any Faculty member using our App generated QR Code. Movements are time stamped and system generated notifications signal when in-transit time has expired.

  • Built-in System Logic Work flow and permission flow are built in. No more spending hours telling the system how to make it work. School Suite works with logic out of the box. Our software is designed to manipulate the information in a database. It can create, sort, display selected information and search for specific information.
  • On Campus Student Check-in\out Students can check-in\out with any Faculty member using our App generated QR Code. Movements are time stamped and system generated notifications signal when in-transit time has expired.
  • Campus Pass and Event Check-in\out Improves student accountability
    Increases structure Improves student behavior and academics
    Provides feedback and adult support on a daily basis
    Improves and establishes daily home/school communication and collaboration
    Improves student organization, motivation, incentive, and reward
    Helps students to self monitor and correct
    Internalizes success and accomplishment of goals
    Students get involved and excited about the program, enjoying the structure, support, and incentives.
    Leads to maintenance free responsible behaviors, habits, and effort.
  • Schedules The Schedule includes course schedules, planned study sessions and events. Students, Faculty and Parents can see schedules, Student Life can configure the amount of information available for viewing for either Students, Parents or Faculty.
  • Notifications Faculty, Parents and Students can see notifications that they have received.



Save time by getting away from using multiple tools. School Suite will help streamline major tasks.

  • Emergency Alerts The School can send out Emergency Alerts to the community. Emergency Alerts can be classified as High, Medium or Low. Pre configured Emergency Alerts can be configured beforehand. With in-app emergency notification there is no need to worry about people opting in or out, international charges or any of the text issues involved with major carriers.
  • Vacation and Special Requests Student Life can pre-configure planned vacations with dates and times, transportation requests.
  • Overnight Requests Students and/or parents can fill out overnight requests. Permission flow seamlessly to involved parties. Student Life can configure request availability.
  • Administrative Dashboard See a full picture of Student Life – Upcoming events, Requests, Student locations. Define Behavior, transportation, vacations, security and permissions etc. Know where Students are at all times.
  • Permissions and security roles Define permissions and security roles for faculty and Students.



You no longer have to wait to get to a computer to get things done. Create events, study groups and passes, and add behavior points right when the incident happens.

  • Event Creation Create Events for groups, set attendance to be open or mandatory. This is especially useful for study passes and other ad hoc gatherings.
  • Attendance Attendance for every class/activity including dorm attendance. The ability to take attendance for custom events as well. You know the student actually went there when they get scanned in.
    Taking attendance for your athletic teams has never been easier, in the locker or on the field.
  • Behavior Student behavior is tracked and available to Students and faculty. Student Life can use a point system to determine a level of consequence and App functionality.



Never have to worry about your student’s travel logistics again. Everything in our app is clearly laid out. Be confident that the school knows where your child is whether on or off campus.

  • Check ins/outs with face to face contact for the highest rate of accountability.
  • We keep your child organized throughout the day with their schedule, events and study passes at their fingertips.
  • Easy to use travel forms that you or your child can complete.
  • Receive emergency alerts and notifications through the app without worrying about SMS setup.
  • Taking your child off campus or out to dinner after a game just got easier. Their coach can scan their phone and people on campus will know where they are and when to expect them back.