Everything your school needs for accountability and freedom

We’ve built the only platform that seamlessly integrates the most effective emergency alerting and real-time attendance with your existent Student Information System (SIS).

Simplify the on-campus experience

Technology that saves time, minimizes errors, and organizes accountability to easily track whereabouts, behavior points, and attendance.

Tight security and helpful

Industry standard security coupled with face to face check-in/out. Check-in details are all verified with a QR code scan. Secure and helpful!

A system that understands

Built-in system logic with out-of-the-box workflows and permissions that make sense for American schools.

Streamline reporting and communications

Automate and personalize the information exchange to give parents peace of mind and maintain responsibility for off-campus permissions.

Check-ins that do more than check in

Whether they are checking in or out of classes, activities, or events, students use an app-generated QR code to check in/out with any faculty member.


Movements are time stamped and system generated notifications signal when in-transit time has expired.

Structure & Accountability

By defining structure and allowing students to self-monitor and correct, the system improves student organization, motivation, incentive, and reward.

Reporting & Support

Establish daily home/school communication and collaboration. When needed, feedback and adult support can be provided quickly.

Are you ready to help students succeed on-campus with technology that saves time, minimizes errors, and organizes accountability?

Schedules and Notifications

Automated delivery and real-time updates to ensure there is constant visibility for all who need it: students, parents, and faculty.

Encompassing details

Schedules include course schedules, planned study sessions, and events.


Student Life can configure which information is available for viewing for students, parents, or faculty.

Updated Real-Time

In-app schedules and notifications are always current and all parties have the information they need.

Administrative Tools

All the reports, insights, and workflows your admin team needs to manage the student experience


Your single pane of glass to track and monitor your school and be accountable for your students at all times. Your dashboard includes upcoming events, requests, and student locations. On it, you easily define behavior, transportation, vacations, security and permissions.

Event Creation

Quickly create Events for groups and set attendance to be open or mandatory. This is especially useful for study passes and other ad hoc gatherings.


In one place, you can monitor attendance for every class, activity, custom event, and dorm attendance.


Define system permissions for faculty members and students.


Track student behavior and define rules for rewards or consequences to help them improve.

Real-time availability

Behavior information is available in real-time to students and faculty.

Establish a point system

Assign points for unacceptable behaviors and automate consequences and rewards.

Do Even More With SchoolSuite

We have a wide set of features for your School’s needs

In-App Emergency Alerts

In times of crisis, easily warn and inform relevant contact groups.


Set up alerts for expected events, like inclement weather, ahead of time.


Label alerts as high, medium, or low and set workflows for the communication required for each.

Alert Groups

Target alerts to groups (community, parents, on-campus) based on those affected and those who need to know details


No need to worry about people opting in or out, international charges or any of the text issues involved with major carriers.

Overnight Requests

Manage permission and information for off-campus overnight requests.

Collect required details

Parents or students can complete a request in the app with all the pertinent information.

Get needed permission

Seamless permission flow gets approval from all involved parties.

Configure availability

Student life can easily configure request availablity.

Vacation and Special Requests

Allow students and parents to make requests effortlessly and automate the handling of requests.


Set up vacation requests with dates and times.

Related requests

Transportation and other related requests can be grouped.

Special Leaves

Automate the college vision request process and all other special leave requests.

Get in on the technology that Schools need

To help students succeed, enables parents to trust, and saves time and chaos of manual record-keeping.

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